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Who Are We

Sindang Reret Hotel and Restaurant is an Indonesia-based hospitality company specializing in authentic Sundanese and Indonesian cuisine. Established since 1973, Sindang Reret has grown massively and become one of the most well-known restaurants that continues to promote the best Sundanese cuisine and its culture in West Java region.

Heritage of Sundanese Culinary & Culture

We are proud to say that we have played a major role in contributing to elevating the culture of West Java through our culinary, service, and ambience. With distinctive culinary tastes, beautiful mountain views and rural atmosphere, as well as a warm welcome from our friendly staff, everyone will feel welcomed with our touch of Parahyangan culture.

Our Philosophy

The word “Sindang” means “to come”, and “Reret” means “to see”, where we hope everyone who looks into our restaurant will come and stop by to experience our famous parahyangan hospitality.


As a true reflection of Parahyangan icon, Sindang Reret aimed to be the best Sundanese Restaurant in West Java by delivering the best services with a touch of the noble and politeness of Parahyangan culture while upholding work professionalism in the face of the Globalization Era.


Our Branch

Sindang Reret now has 4 restaurant locations and 2 hotels in the West Java area.


Become a prima donna for domestic and international tourism visitors who visit the Cikole area, Lembang.


A place where the SINDANG RERET Trademark was established. Established since 1973, actively contributes to the preservation of Culinary Heritage


The right place in the banquet Relations, Business Partners and Families. Located in the center of the capital city of West Java Province, approximately 200 meters


It is a subsidiary of SINDANG RERET GROUP, as well as a Branch of Sindang Reret Restaurant.

Our Awards


Jl. Surapati No.53, Sadang Serang,
Kecamatan Coblong, Kota Bandung,
Jawa Barat 40133


Mobile: +62 811 210 5353
Phone: (022) 253 5050
Fax: +62 22 253 1216

Email: marketing.srgroup@gmail.com